This topic lists all aliases needed to map Inter-Site links to external wikis/sites.

Whenever you write ExternalSite:Page it will be linked automatically to the page on the external site. The link points to the URL corresponding to the ExternalSite alias below, concatenated to the Page you choose. Example: Type Wiki:RecentChanges to get Wiki:RecentChanges, the RecentChanges page at the original Wiki site.

FoA?:Contributor Acronym:Foo Benthic:Thallus BenthicD:Thallus PC:FooBar DC:Foo dcterms:foo WC:Foo


  • Inter-Site links are defined in the tables below.
  • Each entry must be of format:
    | External site alias | URL | Tooltip help text |.
  • The Alias must start with an upper case letter and may contain alphanumeric letters.
  • The URL and Tooltip Text may contain optional $page formatting tokens; the token gets expanded to the page name.
  • Note: The Tooltip Text must not contain any HTML tags (including <nop> escape code), no internal WikiWord links, and no external links. Hint: Escape 'WikiWords' and '$page'.

Taxon Profile project namespace mappings

Alias: URL: Tooltip Text:
Ants$page Mangrove Ants of Australia term #$page
AntsDC$page Ants of deep Canyon: Colorado desert California term #$page
AustBirds$page Reader's digest complete book of Australian birds term #$page
Benthic$page Marine benthic flora of South Australia term #$page
BenthicD$page Dev Marine benthic flora of South Australia term #$page
Birds$page Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic Birds term #$page
BirdsA$page Birds of Australia: A summary of information term #$page
Bushfires$page Bushfires and bushtucker term #$page
Crusty$page The Crayfishes & Shrimp of Winsconsin term #$page
DC$page Dublin Core Metadata Initiative element #$page
DCTerms$page Dublin Core Metadata Initiative term #$page
dcterms$page Dublin Core Metadata Initiative term #$page
Dryandra$page The Dryandra term #$page
DryandraSubtaxa$page The Dryandra Subtaxa term #$page
EML$page Ecological Metadata Language (EML) Specification term #$page
Ere$page Eremophila and allied genera: a monograph of the plant family Myoporaceae term #$page
EreSect$page Eremophila and allied genera: a monograph of the plant family Myoporaceae term #$page
Fish$page Tropical Fish term #$page
FlOz$page Flora of Australia term #$page
FungiA$page Fungi of Australia Septoria term #$page
FungiDU$page Fungi Down Under term #$page
GBIF$page/1 Global Biodiversity Information Facility glossary version one term #$page
Mammals$page Mammals of Australia term #$page
Mgrv$page Mangrove Plant term #$page
MgrvBird$page Mangrove birds of Australia term #$page
Marine$page Australian Marine Life term #$page
MarineAlgae$page Marine Benthic Flora Hard Copy term #$page
Mushrooms$page Encyclopaedia of Mushrooms term #$page
OWL /TaxonProfile/Builder/$page Web Ontology language #$page
Palm$page The concise Australian flora Palm term #$page
PC$page Plinian Core Flat term #$page
PlumeMoths$page Plume Moth term #$page
RainF$page Rain Forest Key term #$page
Scats$page Mammal tracks and signs term #$page
SKOS$page Simple Knowledge Organisation System term #$page
Shark$page Sharks of Australia term #$page
Snake$page Venomous Snakes term #$page
SPMI$page Species Profile Model Info Items term #$page See also Species Profile Model
Sponge$page Sponge term #$page
SPRAT$page Species Profile and Threats Database term #$page
SPM$page Species Profile Model term #$page See also Species Profile Model Info Items
Vert$page Verticordia: the turner of hearts term #$page
Wattle$page World Wide Wattle term #$page
WC$page Wallace Core term #$page
Weeds$page Weeds of Australia term #$page

Alias: URL: Tooltip Text:
Acronym$page&String=exact Look up '$page' on Acronym Finder site
CPAN CPAN perl repository
Dictionary Look up '$page' at
Google Search for '$page' on Google
Group News group '$page' at
ISBN;ac=qr;isbn= Book with ISBN $page
News Search for '$page' on Google news
RFC$page.html IETF RFC #$page

Alias: URL: Tooltip Text:
Advogato '$page' on Advogato community site (with peer review)
C2find Search '$page' on the original 'WikiWikiWeb' site
DokuWiki '$page' on Doku Wiki site
DolphinWiki$page.htm '$page' on Dolphin Wiki site
Foswiki '$page' on
Foswikitask '$page' on the 'Foswiki' issue tracking site
Foswikirev revision $page of 'Foswiki'
FoxWiki '$page' on Fox Wiki site
HammondWiki '$page' on 'HammondWiki' site
LegoWiki '$page' on 'LegoWiki' site
MbTest '$page' on 'UseMod' Wiki variant
MeatBall '$page' on 'MeatBall' site, a 'UseMod' Wiki variant
MoinMoin '$page' on 'MoinMoin' Wiki site
MuWeb '$page' on 'MuWeb' site
OrgPatterns '$page' on Organizational Patterns site
PhpWiki '$page' on Wiki site written in PHP
PolitizenWiki '$page' on 'PolitizenWiki' site
PPR '$page' on the original 'PortlandPatternRepository' site
PyWiki '$page' on Wiki site written in Python
Squeak '$page' on Squeak Smalltalk Wiki
TWiki '$page' on
TWikibug '$page' on the TWiki issue tracking site
TWikirev revision $page of TWiki svn
UseMod '$page' on 'UseMod' Wiki site
VisualWorks '$page' on 'VisualWorks' site
Wiki '$page' on the original 'WikiWikiWeb' site
Wikipedia '$page' on 'Wikipedia'
ZWiki '$page' on Zope's Wiki

Note: This topic configures the InterwikiPlugin.

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